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Because our farm is small, and we provide the alpacas' care with our own hands to keep our overhead low, we are able to keep our breeding fees reasonably priced.

Our breeding services are provided in a supervised breeding pen, and a written record of breeding activity is provided to the owner of the dam. Each dam bred at our farm receives a pre-breeding exam by Washington State University's world renowned camelid reproduction expert, Dr. Tibary, plus ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy. Our breeding fee includes 75 days' boarding in conjunction with breeding services. We also provide a 14 day live birth guarantee which includes a re-breeding to a Premier stud. Discounts are available for multiple breedings. Please refer to the section on "Alpaca Care & Consulting Services" if your dam needs special reproductive evaluation.

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Proven Herdsires:

Premier’s Sebastian

SebastianD.O.B. 7-22-99,    Reg. #816588,    Color: Beige

Sebastian is 5/8 Peruvian out of a maroon mother and dark fawn father. Sebastian's color genes show in his dark pigmentation and the large maroon spot on his right ankle. Sebastian’s mother, Snowmass Peruvian Angelica, and father, Ring Ridge Dreamer, have produced award winning crias, and Sebastian is no exception. His first ribbon was second place in a class of ten at Alpacapalooza 2000, where the judge Jane Tellier commented that he had a lot going for him. Mike Safley placed Sebastian third in a composite class at the 2002 AROW show. Sebastian’s fleece took 2nd with Mike Safley judging at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival 2001. Safley gave the fleece a perfect score in both categories of handle and fineness, and near perfect scores in the luster and character categories. Cameron Holt awarded Sebastian’s cut fleece a perfect score in fineness and handle at the 2002 CABA show. His four year clip took a second place at the Northwest Alpaca Showcase fall 2004. In 2005, Sebastian's fiber took a first place in Alpacapalooza's Fleece show, and a 3rd in their Spin-Off.

Sebastian has excellent fleece coverage from his head to his toes. His fiber is full of crimp and character and is extremely dense. He is medium boned on a large frame, has a handsome head and perfect proportions. If you are breeding for disposition, this is the stud of choice. Sebastian is easy to handle and has a calm temperament. Sebastian has beautiful cria on the ground, a majority of which have been female. We liked one of his daughters so well we bought her for our foundation herd. Click on the following link to see photos of his offspring: Sebastian's offspring.

Premier’s Sebastian stud fee: $1,800


Premier's Maxmillian

MaxmillianD.O.B. 7-29-00   Reg. # 823126,    Color: medium brown

Maximillian is a son of famous Accoyo 4Peruvian Legacy. He is half Peruvian. At the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival 2001, Mike Safley placed Max’s fleece 1st and conformation 1st in a composite class where Safley described Max’s proportions and bite as perfect. Max has also placed 2nd at the AlpacaFest and Alpaca Affaire composite halter shows, 3rd at the full fleece CABA show judged by Julio Sumar and 3rd at NW Alpaca Showcase judged by Amanda VandenBosch. Max's last show, Alpacapalooza 2003, garnered him another blue ribbon under Amanda VandenBosch's scrutiny with compliments on his excellent structure and silky fiber.

Maximillian has a beautiful medium amplitude crimp, medium red- brown fleece that is lustrous and has a soft, silky hand. His fiber took 2nd in a large fleece class at Alpacapalooza 2002, and 2nd in a class of seven at the NW Alpaca Showcase where it received near perfect scores in the categories of handle, uniformity of length and brightness. In 2003, Max earned 3rd in halter under judge Julio Sumar at the Alpaca Western Extravaganza, 3rd in halter at the NW Alpaca Showcase judged by Amanda VandenBosch, 2nd in cut fleece at Alpaca Western Extravaganza judged by Cameron Holt, and 2nd in fleece at NW Alpaca Showcase judged by Julie Skinner. At the 2003 AROW show Max took 1st in conformation and second overall in their composite halter show judged by Mike Safley. His 2004 awards include second place in the fleece show at Alpacapalooza with 14/15 points for fineness, 5/5 for handle, 7/8 for uniformity of micron, 6/7 for staple length, 9/0 for lack of medulation, and 8/10 for brightness. His 2004 entry in the NW Alpaca Showcase took second place as did his Alpacapalooza Spin-Off entry where it earned 82/85 points.

Max's medium boned structure is flawless, and he is passing those traits along to his offpsring. He has regal stature that commands attention in the pasture.

Max has a strong libido. His first cria are very nice. We bred him to Premier's Jolie, our blue ribbon Comet daughter and got a male that exemplifies our breeding program, so named him Premier's Icon. He has Max's conformation and silky handle fiber plus high frequency crimp from his dam. Icon is definitely a keeper. Click on the following link to see photos of his offspring: Max's offspring.

Premier's Maxmillian stud fee: $2,000


Premier's Vidal

VidalD.O.B.7-9-01  Reg. #832639,    Color: Light brown

Premier's Vidal is 7/8 Peruvian with dense, fine, crimpy fiber. He has exceptional coverage and an outstanding head. We have had three offers to buy him, but have refused so that we can keep him and his superior genetics and phenotype in our breeding program. His sire is award winning Microsoft, a Camilio son, and his dam is Snowmass Peruvian Angelica. Both Microsoft and Angelica throw offspring whose fleece remains fine at several years of age.

Vidal placed 1st, then took dark color champion at the 2002 NW Alpaca Showcase under Amanda VandenBosch. Mike Safley awarded him 1st of 8 entries in a very competitive dark composite class later that summer. Vidal placed 4th at AWE in a large, competitive full fleece halter class at 25 months of age, then took 1st at the NW Alpaca Showcase composite show with Jane Tellier judging. In 2003 Vidal's fiber took 2nd places at both Alpacapalooza and the AOBA winter national spin-off competitions. He paced 1st in composite halter at the NW Alpaca Showcase and 1st in the Alpacapalooza cut fleece show. 2004 awards include 2nd in Alpacapalooza's full fleece halter show, 1st in Alpacapalooza's fleece show as well as Spinner's Choice over all the entries. In 2005 Vidal placed 1st in a shorn class at the national AOBA competition and 1st at Alpacapalooza's full fleece halter show. Both judges had high compliments on his structure. Vidal has a compact medium frame and heavy bone, with excellent fiber coverage. He is a handsome fellow.

Vidal sports large testicles and exhibits a strong libido. He got an A+ from Dr. Tibary at his 21 month breeding soundness exam and did not disappoint us that first breeding season. He settles females efficiently, and has some very nice crias on the ground that have handsome heads and wonderful crimpy fiber. Vidal has thrown an equal number of males and females so far, and is improving the fiber and conformation of the dams he has bred. Click on the following link to see photos of his offspring: Vidal's offspring

Premier's Vidal stud fee: $2,000


Premier's Rubio

RubioD.O.B. 6-8-02  Reg. #841216,    Color: medium rose grey

Rubio has exemplary bloodlines behind him: Cloud 9 Comet, Rosario, Accoyo Peruvian Don Julio, Snowmass Peruvian Black Legend, and AccoyoPeruvian Bueno. Rubio’s light brown mother is Premier’s Jolie, half Peruvian out of Snowmass Don Julio’s Prestige and Cloud 9 Comet and is a full sister to Premier’s Absolute. Jolie has taken first or second place in every halter and fleece show in which she has been entered. In 1996 we vowed to breed to Black Legend after seeing his outstanding juvenile fiber take top honors in a fleece show. We got Rubio out of the match, whose color is a throw back to his rose grey grandsire, Comet.

Julie Skinner paid Rubio a high compliment in the Snowmass 2006 Private Selection Sale catalog when she said, "Rubio ... one of the finest grey studs we have seen."

Rubio’s fine fiber exhibits tight crimp throughout, is very dense and has a long staple length. It is lustrous, and provides excellent coverage. His neck fiber is prime in length and quality, and we are hard pressed to find a guard hair on him. He sheared 5.8 pounds at 11.5 months and had 6" staple length. The histogram from this shearing: 18.7 Micron; 3.7 SD; 20.0 CV; 1.0% > 30. Amazingly, his second histogram was virtually identical: 18.7 Micron, 3.9 SD, 20.7 CV and 1.0% > 30. His third histogram, after a full year under the influence of testosterone, showed an increase in micron of only 2 points. Rubio's fiber has taken many high awards at local, regional and national levels: 2004 AOBA winter national fleece - 1st; 2004 AOBA summer spin-off - 1st; 2003 AROW composite, fleece - 1st; 2004 NW Alpaca Showcase fleece - 1st; 2004 AROW composite, fleece - 1st; 2004 AWE spin-off - 1st; 2004 AWE fleece - 1st; 2004 Alpacapalooza fleece - 1st. Rubio's fiber continued to take awards in 2005: 2nd and Spinner's Choice at Alpacapalooza fleece show; 2nd at Alpacapalooza's Spin-Off; 3rd place at Alpaca Western Extravaganza Spin-Off; and 2nd to the color champion at the AOBA summer national Spin-Off. Ian Watt's comment, when reviewing Rubio's fiber density test, was "This is a good male!" Rubio's primary and secondary fibers were 3.0 and 3.7. Less than 4.0 is excellent, and the two numbers being so close together is an indicator of uniformity, and apparently uncommon for a grey.

Rubio does not like being in the show ring and tends to cush at the wrong times. In spite of his challenging the judges to evaluate his excellent conformation, he has done well against some stiff competition. At the AWE show spring of 2003, he finished 4th in a class of eight behind alpacas from three large, prominent northwest farms. At the 2003 AROW composite show he placed 2nd overall with 1st place in fleece. At the AROW 2004 composite competition, Rubio's fiber took 1st and he placed 1st overall in the class; NW Alpaca Showcase composite class 1st in fleece, 3rd overall; 2004 Alpacapalooza -3rd in full fleece halter; 2003 AWE - 4th in full fleece halter. Rubio has a heavy boned frame, with superior straight legs and a perfect bite.

Rubio is co-owned with Las Flores del Altiplano in southwest Washington. We will be booking breedings at Premier Alapcas Ranch until June 1, 2006, then Rubio will go to Las Flores del Altiplano Alpacas until November 1. Click on the following link to see photos of his offspring: Rubio's offspring.

Premier's Rubio stud fee: $2,000


Young Herdsires


Premier's Zen Master

ZenD.O.B. 8-13-03    Reg. #851246,    Color: White

Zen Master is out of our Accoyo Peruvian Caligula daughter A-Lexus and 6Peruvian Accoyo Zen Do. Zen Do is said to be the perfect embodiment of Don Julio Barreda's Select line, bred for fineness and perfect uniformity of fleece. It appears that our Zen Master got those genes.

Zen has solid, dark eyes and dark pigment surrounding them. His bite is perfect and his conformation straight. Zen is an easy going fellow, having a temperament that befits his name.

Zen's his first clip took second place and Best Handle Huacaya and Best Brightness Huacaya at the fall 2004 Northwest Alpaca Showcase. His fiber also took a first place in the 2005 Alpacapalooza Spin-Off and second place at the Alpaca Western Extravagaza Spin-Off. The fiber has a buttery handle and just glows. His second histogram revealed: MC 21.4; SD 4.6; CV 21.4, CF 96.4 and curve 37.3.

Dam A-Lexus, who is white but has pigmentation just like Zen's, threw a brown cria out of a brown stud in 2005. We think Zen has the same color potential. Zen passed his breeding soundness exam by Dr. Ahmed Tibary at WSU in 2005. We will prove him with one of our high quality foundation females spring of 2006.

Premier's Zen Master introductory stud fee: $1,200


Premier's Resolute

ResoluteD.O.B. 7-29-04  Reg. #1242089,    Color: Dark fawn & White

Resolute's mother is the grand dam of our foundation herd. She is full Peruvian Snowmass Don Julio's Prestige, a white that throws fabulous colored offspring. Resolute's sire is silver grey DDF Tobias. Resolute is a striking alpaca who stands out in the pasture. He has sturdy construction, a stunning head with a low, tight topknot and fiber with beautiful character. Resolute is typey, typey, typey.

Resolute competed well during his first show season. He took a 1st place at Alpacapalooza 2004 in full fleece halter where judge Jill MacLeod complimented him on his structure, typiness and fiber uniformity. At the Alpaca Western Extravaganza, Julio Sumar gave Resolute a second place, standing between two Crescent Moon males. Sumar was especially complimentary of his head. At the national show, he placed 5th out of 16. At the NW Alpaca Showcase Amanda VandenBosch gave Resolute second place in a composite class, with 1 point behind the first place male who became the color champion - a near miss! In that composite fleece competition, his fiber received 18 out of 20 points for fineness and handle, and 8.5 points out of 10 for crimp and character.

Resolute has very nice fiber. Its crimp is evident from a distance before you open it, and the quality is consistent clear under his belly and to his knees. His first histogram was: 19.3 MC; SD 4.4; CV 22.8, CF 97.9 and curve 35.2.

Resolute will turn two years old in late July, so we expect to have him working summer of 2006. In May, we will have Dr. Tibary, camelid reproduction specialist at Washington State University, do a breeding readiness exam on Resolute and will update this listing when we have the results.

Premier's Resolute:   introductory stud fee: $1,400


Premier’s Icon

IconD.O.B. 7-5-04  

Reg. # 1431308,    Color: Light brown that appears to be changing to rose grey on his neck as well as his blanket.


This fellow earned his name by personifying everything we are striving for in our breeding program - straight conformation, perfect proportions, handsome head and soft, lustrous fiber with high frequency crimp. Icon is definitely a keeper. He is half Peruvian with Peruvian Don Julio and 4Peruvian Legacy behind him. Icon is the son of Premier's Jolie, one of our top quality foundation females who is dam to Premier's Rubio, a rose grey with some of the best fiber in the industry. Icon's sire is Premier's Maximillian, who has many, many halter and fiber awards to his credit given by experienced judges.

Icon did well his first show season with some stiff competition. He took a second place at Alpacapalooza's 2005 full fleece halter show with judge Jill MacLeod complimenting him on his silky, uniform fiber. Julio Sumar also placed him second in a large class at the Alpaca Western Extravaganza. He placed 6th in a class of 18 at AOBA nationals.

Icon's first histogram is exemplary: MC 16.1; SD 3.4; CV 20.9; CF 100%; curve 33.3. He has crimp to his chin and to his knees.

We are excited to be able to offer Icon's stud services in 2006, as we judged him to be a keeper shortly after he was born. In May we will have camelid reproduction specialist at Washington State Univeristy, Dr. Ahmed Tibary, do a breeding readiness exam on Icon, then post the results on this website.

Premier's Icon:   introductory stud fee: $1,400

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